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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia
Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia


Volume 26, Issue 2, 2014

26(2), 2014

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Author: Alois Schafer
Location: Lagoa do Manuel Nunes, Cidreira, RS, Brazil. Coordinates: 30°05’ South, 50°12’ West
See article: Schäfer, A.E., Marchett, C.A., Schuh, S.M., Ahlert, S. & Lanzer, R.M., 2014. Morphological characterization of eighteen lakes of the north and middle coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. p.199-214.

Biological Limnology

Aquatic macrophyte community varies in urban reservoirs with different degrees of eutrophication Suelen Cristina Alves da Silva, Armando Carlos Cervi, Cleusa Bona, André Andrian Padial Biological Limnology
Field evidence of the influence of aquatic macrophytes on water quality in a shallow eutrophic lake over a 13-year period Edélti Faria Albertoni, Cleber Palma-Silva, Claudio Rossano Trindade Trindade, Leonardo Marques Furlanetto Biological Limnology
Diversity and ecological aspects of aquatic insect communities from montane streams in southern Brazil Bruna Marmitt Braun, Mateus Marques Pires, Carla Bender Kotzian, Marcia Regina Spies Biological Limnology
Morphological characterization of eighteen lakes of the north and middle coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Alois Eduard Schäfer, Cassiano Alves Marchett, Sabrina Maurer Schuh, Siclério Ahlert, Rosane Maria Lanzer Biological Limnology
Composition and diversity of the Chironomidae in subtropical streams: effects of environmental predictors and temporal analysis Rozane Maria Restello, Cristiane Biasi, Pedro Felipe Moutinho Bernardo de Moraes, Gabriella Gabriel, Luiz Ubiratan Hepp Biological Limnology

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