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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia
Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia


Volume 25, Issue 4, 2013

25(4), 2013

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Author: Yzel Rondon Suarez

Location: Paraguai River, Porto Murtinho, Pantanal, MS, Brazil

See article: Lemke, A.P. and Súarez, Y.R., 2013. Influence of local and landscape characteristics on the distribution and diversity of fish assemblages of streams in the Ivinhema River basin, Upper Paraná River


Biological Limnology

Diel responses of phytoplankton of an Amazon floodplain lake at the two main hydrological phases Kathrin Nere Passarinho; Maria Rosélia Marques Lopes; Sueli Train Biological Limnology
Life-history strategies associated to reproduction of three Hyphessobrycon species (Characidae) in lentic environments of upper Paraná River basin Cristina da Silva Gonçalves; Ursulla Pereira Souza; Fabio Cop Ferreira; Alexandre Peressin; Francisco Manoel de Souza Braga Biological Limnology
Comparing the performance of different stream classification systems using aquatic macroinvertebrates Márlon de Castro Vasconcelos; Adriano Sanches Melo; Albano Schwarzbold Biological Limnology
Conservation unit and water quality: the influence of environmental integrity on benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages Jessé Renan Scapini Sobczak; Alice Teresa Valduga; Rozane Maria Restello; Rafael Imlau Cardoso Biological Limnology


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