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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia
Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia


Volume 25, Issue 2, 2013

25(2), 2013

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Author: Marina S. Suzuki

Location: Campelo Lagoon, Campos dos Goytacazes and São Francisco de Itabapoana municipalities, RJ, Brazil

See article: Esteves, B.S., Suzuki, M.S., 2013. Nitrogen and phosphorus resorption efficiency, and N P ratios in natural populations of lypha domingensis Pers. in a coastal tropical lagoon

Biological Limnology

Progressive recovery of a tropical deforested stream community after a flash flood Lucas Cerqueira Marques, Mônica Ceneviva-Bastos, Lilian Casatti Biological Limnology
Hydrosedimentological disequilibrium in a small, urbanized watershed Alexandre Marco da Silva, Alexandre Ribas dos Santos, Rodolpho Augusto Fernandes, Rodrigo Custódio Urban, Romulo Martins Carvalho, Luiz Augusto Manfré, Steven Frederick Durrant Biological Limnology
Evaluation of sediment contamination by trace elements and the zooplankton community analysis in area affected by gold exploration in Southeast (SE) of the Iron Quadrangle, Alto Rio Doce, (MG) Brazil Cláudia de Lima e Silva, Adivane Terezinha da Costa, Giovanni Guimarães Landa, Herton Fabrício Camargos Fonseca, Aléssio Silveira Biological Limnology
The effects of abiotic variables on detritus decomposition in Brazilian subtropical mangroves Renan de Souza Rezende, Marcelo de Oliveira Pinto, José Francisco Gonçalves Jr., Mauricio Mello Petrucio Biological Limnology
Effects of experimental eutrophization on zooplankton community Ana Maria Alves de Medeiros, Cyntya Eustáquio de Sousa, Maria Cristina Crispim, Ana Karla Araújo Montenegro Biological Limnology

Acta Limnol. Bras. (Online)

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