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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia
Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia


Volume 23, Issue 3, 2011

23(3), 2011

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Author: Adriano Sanches Melo

Location: Distrito de Silveira, São José dos Ausentes, RS, Brazil

See article: Melo, A.S., Schneck, F., Hepp, L.U., Simões, N.R., Siqueira, T. and Bini, L.M., 2011. Focusing on variation: methods and applications of the concept of beta diversity in aquatic ecosystems

Biological Limnology

First adult record of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, Cantor 1842 from Ribeira de Iguape River Basin, Brazil Caio Isola Dallevo do Amaral Gomes, Alexandre Peressin, Mauricio Cetra, Walter Barrella Biological Limnology
Time series analysis of water surface temperature and heat flux components in the Itumbiara Reservoir (GO), Brazil Enner Herenio de Alcântara, José Luiz Stech, João Antônio Lorenzzetti, Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes Novo Biological Limnology
Impact of the 2009 extreme water level variation on phytoplankton community structure in Lower Amazon floodplain lakes Simone Casali, Maria do Carmo Calijuri, Bernard Barbarisi, Vivian Fróes Renó, Adriana Gomes Affonso, Cláudio Barbosa, Thiago Sanna Freire Silva, Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes Novo Biological Limnology
Impact of coal mining on water quality of three artificial lakes in Morozini River Basin (Treviso, Santa Catarina State, Brazil) Viviane Moschini-Carlos, Marcelo Luiz Martins Pompêo, Felipe de Lucia Lobo, Sergio Tadeu Meirelles Biological Limnology
Influence of environmental factors on benthic macroinvertebrate communities of urban streams in Vereda habitats, Central Brazil Renata de Moura Guimaraes Souto, Kátia Gomes Facure, Luis Alfredo Pavanin, Giuliano Buzá Jacobucci Biological Limnology
Evaluation of water quality parameters for monitoring natural, urban, and agricultural areas in the Brazilian Cerrado Daphne Heloisa de Freitas Muniz, Aline Silva Moraes, Ingrid de Souza Freire, Carlos José Domingos da Cruz, Jorge Enoch Furquim Werneck Lima, Eduardo Cyrino Oliveira-Filho Biological Limnology
Focusing on variation: methods and applications of the concept of beta diversity in aquatic ecosystems Adriano Sanches Melo, Fabiana Schneck, Luiz Ubiratan Hepp, Nadson Ressyé Simões, Tadeu Siqueira, Luis Mauricio Bini Biological Limnology

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